About Ringwood United

The Ringwood Regular Republican Club has been proudly serving our community since the late 1970’s. Our members serve in many different capacities throughout Ringwood as members of the Planning Board, Recreation Commission, Open Space Committee, Environmental Commission, Board of Health, Lake Association Boards, Ambulance Corp Auxiliary, Volunteer Firemen, etc. As an organization we pride ourselves on our collective service to the community and having provided you and your families with the vision of Ringwood you have grown to love.

We are extremely proud of what we have done over the years. However, we understand the need to embrace the idea that Ringwood’s continued success depends upon our organization changing and evolving with the times. With the start of 2018 the Ringwood Regular Republican Club is unveiling our new and improved image of "Ringwood United."

The mission of Ringwood United “is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Ringwood, through positive community relationships, volunteerism, advocacy, leadership and strong communication.”

The vision for Ringwood United, “is realizing the full potential of Ringwood and its citizens as we work collaboratively to keep Ringwood safe, affordable, and a premier Suburban Town in New Jersey.

Ringwood United


Herb Allen

Vice President
Jaime Landis

Jim Martocci

Recording Secretary
Linda Schaefer

Sergeant at Arms
Pat Diamond

Jane Ebersbach

Good and Welfare
Joe Pacio